Steps To Own

Step 1

A. Submit the followings to Giddy Up Rides (G.U.R).
Fill out an application or feel free to contact us at 888-800-3133 x2 (for free consultation).

B. G.U.R. will evaluate and contact you about your initial application within 24 hrs.

C. After the application review, we will have one of our knowledgeable representative contact you. The information you received will help you to better understand Giddy Up Rides (G.U.R) operations.

Step 2:
A. Inform G.U.R. of your desired Kiosk or mobile location by City and State. (minimum space qualifications of 300-500 sq.ft (indoor/outdoor) should be met) or you can choose to be a mobile business as well.

B. Prepare and obtain information about the basic terms of the lease, such as length, rent, and the feasibility of operating the amusement ride at the location (applicable only to onsite operators).


Note 1: Our acceptance of the proposed location does not equate to the success of the future business. It simply indicates that the location meets our minimum location requirements.

Note 2: You should consult with your attorney, commercial real estate agent in negotiating and finalizing the lease agreement. You should also consult your attorney or financial adviser whether to form a business entity, and the type of business entity, in conducting the business.


Call us at 888-800-3133 x2 or email at