Large Giddy Up Horses – KLT-2012-3G

Material: Plush fur
Inside structure: steel
Wheels: PU
Horse size: 53”h x 50”L x 18”w
*floor to saddle: 36”
NW/GW: 28kg/32kg
Max load: 80kg or 176lbs
box size: 90cm x 43cm x 90cm
age: 12+ full size adult

The GIDDY UP RIDES are activated by the physical efforts of the Child Rider. The downward weight of the rider on the saddle causes the pony/animal to stretch its front legs forward, and the action of the rider rising from the saddle combined with pulling the head handles towards them, will draw the rear legs forward making the pony/animal walk forward in a smooth movement. All GIDDY UP RIDES are able to steer left and right making them ideal toys for indoor and outdoor fun.