Giddy Up rides FAQ

Giddy Up Rides F.A.Q:

1: How much should I pay for the Giddy Up Rides?
GUR: Prices vary according to the quantity ordered. Start off with what you can afford and always know that you can order more.

2: Do you charge Royalty fees?
GUR: No, we do not charge Royalty fee!

3: Will you help us find a location or will we have to find our own?
GUR: Most individuals will actively find their location on their own unless they request our assistance. Once you locate an available space please inform us. Because of our “Protected Territory” policy, we need to make sure your proposed location does not overlap with existing operators territory.

4: Are there any requirements on location?
GUR: space size should be about 300-500 square foot. A high visibility location with busy foot traffic is a plus (unless you are a mobile business). Also, a location surrounded by multiple stores is a plus. Locations can be indoor or outdoor.

5: How long does it usually take to have a store opened?
GUR: Typically, it will take 1-2 months to open a store but the actual time depends on various factors, including lease negotiation, design and drawing, licenses, city permits, liability insurance, employee hire etc. It usually takes us 1 weeks to review your plans. Once we accept your location, you may sign a letter of intent with the landlord.

6: How much is average gross sales for a Giddy Up Rides location?
GUR: The financial performance or profitability of a Giddy Up Rides location will vary, depending on store location, management skill, operation experience, and numerous other factors. An estimate of a proposed location would be too speculative to be meaningful. Thus, as a matter of policy, we do not make any earning claims. None of our employees or agents is authorized to provide you with projections to your earnings, sales, or profitability. We urge you to retain the services of experienced professionals such as financial advisers, lawyers, accountants, etc.

7: How many employees will I need?
GUR: an average store location with 8-12 electric animal scooters will require 1 Full Time employee.

8: How many machines will I need to start?
GUR: an average you will need 6-10 machines to start. In case your business is mobile, than 4 pcs would be adequate.

9: Are the machines easy to maintain?
GUR: Yes, machines are fairly simple to maintain. All electronic components are available and easily interchangeable. As for the exterior fur, cleaning is very easy. All you need is a spray bottle with a tab of soap and wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

10: How long does it take to ship and whats the availability?
GUR: It generally takes 7 days to ship in continental America (48 States). We have adequate stock throughout the year. In case stock on a particular model is unavailable, our production lead time is 5 weeks.


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