Small Giddy Up Horses – 2015-01A

It’s the Newest and Hottest product for kids. The Giddy Up Horse is a far improvement for the old traditional rocking horse or spring horse. Giddy Up Horse moves by the rider’s gentle motion from bouncing up and down on the saddle which causes the horse’s legs to propelling forward in a galloping motion. All Giddy Up Horse are able to steer left and right making them ideal for indoor and outdoor fun.

Material: Soft Plush fur
Inside structure: Forged Steel
Wheels: Polyurethane
Horse size: 29”h x 26”L x 13”w
Floor to saddle: 19”
NW/GW: 6.1kg/7.5kg
Max load: 35kg or 77lbs
Box Size: 20” x 20” x 11”
Age: 2-5
Care: Spot clean

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